Stakeholders of Lac au Duc around the table

The case study of Lac au Duc have the peculiarity of multiple impacts related to the problem of eutrophication. Potability of water, tourism and recreation are directly impacted by cyanobacteria that proliferate when environmental conditions are favourable. The SMGBO and the scientific partners invited, all the stakeholders, communities, institutions, associations, on February 23rd, to inform them of the CPES project which starts on their territory.

A promising sign that the subject of eutrophication is an issue to many of them was that 33 participants responded to the invitation. The presentations on the work that will be carried out to enable implementation of PES opened several discussions. These discussion will feed directly into the project design so many thanks to the contribution of the territory.

In the afternoon, financial issues were discussed by the scientific consortium partners with the assistance of the Joint Secretariat.