Sampling starts in the Lac au Duc and Yvel catchment

Let's start preventive actions! Thursday, March 8th marked the start of the mission to analyse the spatio-temporal variability of phosphorus emissions in the Lac au Duc watershed.

The team composed of Gérard GRUAU, Antoine CASQUIN and Sen GU went on the Yvel for the first water sampling campaign. In all, 26 points were collected, 20 of which were downstream of sub-basins up to 500 ha in size. The chemical analyzed in a laboratory are Ptot, dissolved total, orthoposphate, DOC, CID, nitrate, sulfate, chloride, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH.

The team anticipates a frequency of 2 campaigns per month, with the possibility to increase the frequency if necessary, to establish and understand the Phosphorus concentrations in the watercourse. To be continued!