Mauron - 11th June 2019 - Restitution of surveys made to farmers in the basin

On tuesday the 11th of June 2019, farmers, the Chamber of Agriculture, elected officials, researchers (CNRS and INRA) and SMGBO met during a morning of information sharing in Mauron.

The goal?

  •  Inform farmers who participated in the surveys of the results for assessing the economic costs of planting permanent plant cover and planting hedgerows.

  • Inform farmers approving wetland work of the contents of this study component, its progress, and the data / information that will be returned to them.

  • More generally, inform farmers about the objectives and the progress of the INTERREG CPES project, in general, and the Lac au Duc case study in particular; explain to them what the PES are in relation to the INTERREG CPES project but also the ALLi'HOMME initiative; enlist volunteers to participate with Sara Hernandez Consulting in upcoming workshops to build PES for the Yvel-Hivet watershed.


INRA SMART LERECO, in partnership with the Grand Bassin de l'Oust Mixed Union and assisted by the junior company Agrocampus Ouest, carried out a survey of farmers from the Yvel Hyvet catchment area from June 15 to July 15, 2018, identified as major players in the implementation of PES. It was a question of knowing if, in the long term, the setting up of a device such as the PES would be possible and desirable on the territory. It would provide annual compensation, per hectare, to volunteer farmers implementing certain measures on their farms to reduce the risk of erosion in the Yvel Hyvet watershed (land cover and erosion control).

This survey focused on the preventive aspect of reducing phosphorus flows by farmers in the watershed. With this survey, the researchers wanted to understand on what conditions, technical and financial, farmers would be willing to participate in such a program.

Other surveys of Lac au Duc users and Ploërmel Community water producers and tourist services were conducted in the fall of 2018 to assess their willingness to pay for a reduction in cyanobacterial blooms.

For any additional information regarding the survey, do not hesitate to contact:

  • Josselin Canlet - Research Officer INRA - -

  • Sophie Moisan - SMGBO Animator - -