Final co-construction workshop on the BAC Tremblay Omonville

The final workshop was held on May 24th in the town of Combon in Tremblay-Omonville catchment. This follows two other workshops that took place in June and December 2018, respectively, which made it possible to reflect on the rules of fair, incentive-based remuneration for farmers.

The purpose of this last co-design workshop was to have each farmer evaluate anonymously the fair amount of a payment for environmental services, based on the achievement of a winter surplus nitrogen target (WER).

Thus, each participant was able to give his estimate for this payment for each priority crop grown in the area: wheat-wheat, rapeseed and spring wheat. The farmer then chooses the practices he wishes to implement on his plots with the aim of reducing nitrate leaching. This workshop was conducted by Sara Hernandez Consulting (SHC) and Fanny Claise, Junior consultant who set up the experimental auction protocol and will be in charge of the analysis.

Two sessions were organized during the day and sought the opinions of some thirty farmers from the area. Following each auction session, the participants had the opportunity to discuss the terms of the contract with the SHC team and Marine Gratecap, agronomist engineer at SERPN in charge of the Tremblay-Omonville case study.  

The next step is the analysis of the results and agreeing contracts with the farmers in order to be able to set up remuneration this year.