Back in pictures: Lac au Duc workshop

The CPES project partners gathered in Ploërmel for two days in June for the second steering group meeting. The first meeting took place in December 2017 hosted by the lead partner, University of Chichester. The second meeting commenced with project seminars looking at the common progress of the project, the site of the Lac au Duc case study, coordinated by the Grand Bassin de l'Oust who are also responsible for the project communications.

On 6th of June the partners shared a convivial dinner before beginning their presentations and reflections around the project. The morning of 7th June was devoted to the presentations of the various case studies and their progress in the definition of their baseline assessment, on the aspects of environmental impacts as well as socio-economic contexts. The morning closed with a joint presentation of the contexts of the two countries on policies related to agriculture and the environment. This meeting was open to local actors and many guests, which brought together were no less than 67 participants, demonstrating the considerable interest of the territory for the cooperation project and issues that are linked to it.

The afternoon of the 7th and the 8th June saw the 14 project partners representatives meet to discuss the different aspects of the project and to share construction of the toolbox; the legal construction of the PES, the implementation and the monitoring, the effectiveness, many strategic topics were discussed to advance the project.

To conclude the partners participated in a meeting with the press and visited the site of Lac au Duc, including the beach of the nautical club where the curative actions for bathing will take place, and  the station for drinking water abstraction with the kind permission of Eau du Morbihan and Saur.

The next meetings of the type will take place in Evreux in December 2018 and in Devon (England) in June 2019.