Surveys of farmers on Yvel catchment

INRA SMART LERECO, in partnership with the Syndicat Mixte du Grand Bassin de l'Oust  and assisted by the junior company Agrocampus Ouest, is carrying out a survey of farmers from the Yvel Hyvet catchment area from 15 June to 15 July 2018, as farmers have been identified as major stakeholders in the implementation of PES. The aim of the survey is to determine if, in the long term, setting up a device such as the PES would be possible and desirable on the territory. This scheme would provide annual compensation, per hectare, to volunteer farmers implementing certain measures on their farms to reduce the risk of erosion in the Yvel Hyvet catchment (soil cover and erosion control).

This survey focuses on the preventive aspect of reducing phosphorus fluxes by farmers in the watershed. With this survey, researchers want to understand under what conditions, technical and financial, farmers would be willing to participate in such a program.

Further surveys of Lake au Duc users and the Ploermel Community water and tourism service providers will be conducted in the fall of 2018 to assess their willingness to pay for a reduction in cyanobacterial blooms.