Video: Payments for Environmental Services - contracts for the future

Lac au Duc is the second largest lake in Brittany. It is one of the centerpieces of the economic development of the Pays de Ploërmel, and beyond all the northern part of the department of Morbihan. Concerns: phosphorus inputs from the watershed which lead to the development of cyanobacteria with negative impacts on tourist activity and the production of drinking water.
Agriculture, the main economic activity of the territory, has in hand the levers for improving the quality of the water. good quality water is one of the services provided by the soils, subject to the implementation of certain practices such as the establishment of grass strips, hedges, permanent meadows or the reduction of the depth of ploughing.
Problem: these practices and the ecosystem services associated with them are currently not being recovered, which does not encourage farmers to implement them, despite their many environmental benefits.
Solution: Payments for Environmental Services (PES) type contracts between farmers who can implement these good practices and companies wishing to invest in the environment are a way to remove this financial blockage.
Find in this video the presentation of what PES are, the desire of farmers in the Lac au Duc sector to commit to this type of contract, the experience and benefits generated by companies that have already signed PES contracts in Brittany, as well as the key role played by intermediaries (scientists, basin union, agricultural associations).