Project meeting: Normandy case-studies

The 3rd steering commitee meeting of the CPES project involving all partners will take place from the 4th to the 6th of December 2018, in Evreux (Eure, France). For the second time the steering committee meeting will be located on a pilot site. In fact, two sites will be the hosts: Tremblay-Omonville catchment managed by the SERPN and the Springs de la Vigne catchment managed by Eau de Paris.

Six months after the seminar held in Ploërmel, the Norman sites welcome all the partners of the project but also elected officials and local partners to take stock of the progress of each site towards the design of the payments for environmental services (PES) in the six case studies.

PES : understand the territories to build the schemes

The end of 2018 is a key point for the project since each site must deliver several fundamental documents related to it's initial context prior to the implementation of PES:

  •     A report of geographical and socio-economic context
  •     An environmental status report
  •     A programme of actions to implement the case study
  •     An identification of the risks linked to the implementation of PES

All partners also paid close attention to the tools they used and will contribute to the PES Toolbox. By the end of the year, a preliminary version of this Box must be delivered. Long-term work towards the final version which will make it possible to disseminate all the results and replicable methods of the case study. This will allow all those wishing to achieve a PES scheme to improve the quality of water in a watershed.

Thus, the partners will endeavour to validate these reports and to discuss their working methods in the design of their PES.

Half-day open to local skateholders

The morning of Wednesday December the 5th is dedicated to the presentations of the pilot sites. These presentations will focus on the economic methods planned in each of the six case studies where the partners will use six different approaches. Local elected officials, partners of both sites and beyond all those interested in the subject are invited to this session to inform and exchange views with the partners.

Methodological workshops

In preparation for 2019, which will be marked by the implementation of the first PES schemes, the partners will run a workshop to discuss the economic (analysis and financial schemes) and evaluation (efficiency monitoring for the quality of the resource) aspects of the PES, as well as the construction of the Toolbox.

An in-situ visit

This meeting could not be closed without the partners visiting the case studies in the host territories. A field trip to the Springs of La Vigne catchment is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, organized by Eau de Paris. Tremblay-Omonville catchment will be presented in a film introducing the historical approach of farmers to the protection of the soil and their desire to go further with the SERPN.