Meeting: 7-8th June on Lac au Duc

The event will take place on 7th and 8th of June 2018, all Channel Payments for Ecosystem Services partners will gather for a mid-term seminar, in the amphitheater of the Lycée La Mennais in Ploërmel. Grand Bassin de l'Oust is responsible for the pilot catchment Lac au Duc, the communication work package and are hosting this event. These events will take place in each of the six pilot sites every 6 months.

At the heart of the discussions will be the key elements of the project: analysis of local contexts and methodologies related to the implementation of Payments for Ecosystem Services.

Half-day open to local actors

The morning of Thursday, 7th June is dedicated to the presentations of the pilot sites to discuss progress to date. Local elected officials, stakeholders and partners of the site and beyond are invited to meet and talk to the partners of this project.

A reflection on the methodology

PES implementation requires a collaborative approach to identify tools that can be used to improve water quality, partners will have the opportunity to reflect and explore this element on Thursday and Friday whilst also focusing on the administrative and structural aspects of the project.

Visiting a Pilot Catchment

This seminar will conclude by visiting the Lac au Duc site to see firsthand the issues that are having an impact on the water quality in this catchment.