Lac au Duc presented at regional level

The partners of the Lac au Duc case study represented the CPES project, on October 2nd, on the occasion of a thematic day organized by the Brittany Region and the CRESEB on PES at regional level. Welcomed at the West AgroCampus in Rennes, more than thirty institutional and technical representatives of water policy discussed and shared experiences on alternative financing that PES provides.

The morning's presentations focused on refining the current progress of the PES, their definitions, and the economic, legal, methodological issues, questions to be solved in all the projects. After a presentation of the financial tools currently available, the legal constraints that constrain the PES and an overview of the issues raised by the PES by the Brittany Region and the CRESEB, the CDC's Economics of Biodiversity mission intervened on their vision on these financing and their perspectives.

The afternoon was devoted to presentations and exchanges around 3 identified PES projects in Brittany: the PSE market project supported by TRAME, the Alli'Homme association led by FDSEA29 and CRAB and the CPES project. The presentations made it possible to highlight the characteristics of the projects and to confront them with the questions raised during the morning. The Lac du Duc site, a case study from the CPES project in Brittany, was presented by several representatives of the scientific consortium partners of the study, demonstrating the deliberately multidisciplinary will and its methodical approach to solving the issues that remain to do before the effective implementation of PES.