LAC AU DUC: Lucile Badouel vient renforcer l'équipe

Lucile Badouel will join the Lac au Duc team for a 6-month legal internship with the Syndicat Mixte du Grand Bassin de l'Oust in Ploërmel. Her subject will be "the study of the implementation of Payments for Environmental Services (PES)".
Overall objective:
  • Realization of contracts,
  • Completion of a report for the Interreg project.

Description by Lucile of her mission

"My 6-month internship begins on March 1, 2021 and ends on September 1. The study and application of these payments for environmental services (PSE) only concern a branch of Yvel, called "Rézo".
During this period, accompanied by lawyers from Alli'Hommes, 3 contracts will have to be drawn up. A contract between Alli'Hommes, the Chamber of Agriculture and the mixed union of the Grand Bassin de l'Oust, a contract (downstream) between Alli'Hommes and the financial partners and a contract will thus be made and implemented. (upstream) between Alli'hommes and the farmers.
The goal is to achieve robust and adapted contracts for the participation of all actors in the PES project in complete safety and over the long term.
As the Interreg project ends in 2021, an assessment of all the steps that have been implemented over the past 25 years will have to be produced. Thus a history concerning phosphorus, cyanobacteria, etc., will have to be created. A summary of all the options concerning the improvement of water quality (intercrop cover, grass strips, etc.) that have been proposed should also be made, distinguishing what worked or not.
This part corresponds to the environmental orientation of my training and will make the link with the legal.
The supervision by the University is both on the ecological and legal part following the video at the end of December 2020. "
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