Eau de Paris acquires 81 hectares on the Springs of La Vigne

Among the other actions identified to protect water resources, Eau de Paris carries out land acquisition projects in vulnerable areas, with the commitment to maintain sustainable agricultural activity via rural environmental leases. Last October, Eau de Paris finalised the acquisition of a total of 81 hectares in the communes of Rueil-la-Gadelière and Beauche (28) located in close proximity to the Springs of La Vigne. The purchase, carried out in collaboration with the SAFER (the Land and Land Settlement Society) maintains the livehoods of farmers and supports their conversion to organic farming (AB).

The quality of water resources today is affected by human activities that require significant change to improve quality drinking water. The challenge is immense: 68% of the waters of the Seine-Normandy basin are affected by the problem of pesticides and 30% are affected by nitrates. To provide water of drinking quality, Eau de Paris focuses first and foremost on the prevention of pollution upstream, which makes it possible to limit treatments as much as possible and thus to control their cost and their environmental impact, while helping to leave future generations water of better quality.

Read the full press release [French]: CP_Vigne2018