BAC du Tremblay Omonville: Progress of the implementation of PES

In 2019, 46 farms committed plots to achieve WER objectives on priority inter-crops. In total, approximately 64% of the Useful Agricultural Area (UAA) of the Catchment Feeding Basin was affected by these objectives, or 188 agricultural plots.
Samples were taken at the end of the year in order to identify the plots on which the objectives were achieved: 119 plots out of 188 achieved the result and made it possible to produce quality water under them.
These committed plots gave rise to payment according to individual performance (or not achievement of objectives on the plots) but also to payment based on collective commitment (the amount depends on the sum of the areas on the BAC of the farms involved; here 64%, the amount is therefore 25 € / Ha).
Thus, € 133,783 was paid on the individual performance and € 42,380 in addition corresponds to the collective bonus.
Following the french government's announcements on October 28, we regret having to postpone the screening-debate on November 26 again.
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