3rd meeting with the farmers from Guilliers (Lac au Duc)

Consent to receive determination workshop

This Thursday, June 24, 2021, 10 farmers from the Guilliers sector actively participated in a meeting aimed at determining the agri-environmental measures that will be deployed in the territory and the consent to receive for them. Our ultimate goal? Reclaim the quality of water and biodiversity! The meeting was a continuation of the work of the June 30 meeting. The farmers present were the same as the last time, a great continuity for the PSE project.

After reviewing the context of the implementation of PES, the principle of remuneration was presented. In particular, the importance of targeting at-risk plots was recalled in order to limit the transfer of phosphorus to Lac au Duc as much as possible. Thanks to this package of services, volunteer farmers will be able to make a choice in the measures they wish to put in place on the plots of interest. To support and facilitate decision-making for farmers, a few examples of new practices and / or developments were displayed on plots of land at stake. Since obtaining the remuneration is conditional on the achievement of results, simple self-diagnostics (pollinators, earthworms, etc.) to be carried out were exposed to the farmers.

Following these presentations, the farmers divided into 3 workshops to assess the price of the implementation of the various actions, called “Consentement À Receivoir (CAR).” The questioning was as follows: “From which monetary offer accept -you to change your practices to determine in order to improve an indicator (issue)? ”This award aims to integrate both the work of the farmer, the cost of setting up the practice and positive impacts on ecosystem services provided Despite the difficulty of integrating multiple parameters to determine the RAC, average prices per share were determined, with an overall average RAC of 850 euros / ha / year.


These prices will be reworked in the coming days. After this first collective meeting, individual meetings will be set up to reassess the RACs with each of the partner farmers. The fundraising work currently carried out with private companies will continue in parallel. Farmers who were unable to free themselves for the meeting will be contacted again shortly to determine their CAR individually.